April 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

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Guys! Here we have my April 2020 Bullet Journal Setup. I know it’s a tad bit late, but here nonetheless. I decided to make my month’s theme surrounding spring and fairies, as in Tinker Bell fairies. I have always loved the Tinker Bell movies and with spring arriving, I decided to combine these two things for my April Bullet Journal Setup. I pretty much kept the same sort of monthly spreads except for the weekly as you will see going forward.


Throughout this setup, I will be using the bullet journal I made using Sea Lemon’s tutorial. To write, Pentel R.S.V.P. fine black ink pen and the Pilot EasyTouch fine black ink pen to use stencils. And my good old trusty Crayola coloring pencils to add color to all pages. If you would like to see more, check out my Bullet Journal essentials post.

Monthly Pages

If you read my March Bullet Journal Setup, you may remember that in the monthly pages I put in one page my monthly log and to-do’s and in the other my goals for the month and calendar.

Monthly Log, Goals and To-Do’s

april 2020 log and goals

On the first page of the monthly setup, I made my usual monthly log to write down holidays and birthdays, a section to put my five goals of the month that I will determine in my Life monthly planning for April coming up after this post. And a little monthly to-do list section. The quote for the month is one that I found online from Tinker Bell. The header of the page has winter mountains because, on the upcoming page, I will focus completely on spring and wanted to make that transition from winter to spring in the spread.

School Calendar

april 2020 calendar

Right now I’m having somewhat of online school and I want to make sure that I remember work that I need to turn in and such. I doodled little leaves and flowers and drew the dresses of each fairy from the movies and a little doodle of their specialty in the fairy world.

Habit Tracker and Gratitude Log

april 2020 logs and trackers

As usual, I have my habit tracker that has an extra habit than normal because I want to track in my bullet journal my Camp NaNoWriMo work progress even though I already made a bunch of tracking pages in my Writing Journal. I did another sort of doodle in the footer trying to represent each fairy.

First Weekly

april 2020 weekly spread

I decided to mix things up a bit in my first week for this month. I drew boxed to-do lists for each day and left what was remaining of the page blank to journal in. I will just write the date and journal below it. Before this, I used to alternate between horizontal and vertical spreads. If you would like to see the next weekly spreads I will be using, check out my social media as I will keep you updated.

That’s it for my April 2020 Bullet Journal Setup. If you would like to see more content like this, make sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter and check out my social media. Stay tuned for my upcoming April life monthly planning and more…

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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