Spring Cleaning Action Plan

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Spring is already here and I thought that what better way to welcome it than by cleaning up my space. That’s why I decide to create a little plan in my bullet journal to clean up the main things in my life like my purses and my bedroom. I can be very organized in some things and messy in others. For instance, one of the things that are going to be recurrent in terms of tasks is taking out the trash as in little pieces of paper and stuff since I’m really bad at throwing away stuff because I always make excuses like it could be used for other things and leave them all over the place. This is my spring cleaning action plan as a senior high school student.

Purses and Bags

The first things I’m going to clean up are my purses. I’m currently using two: one for school and one for my day to day on the go. As I said, I collect pieces of things here and there and they make my purses heavy at the end so I need to take the little pieces of trash out and all the unnecessary stuff I’ve collected or little things that I have put for a specific thing and don’t need it any longer.

Then we have my backpack which I’ve maintained pretty cleaned up through the whole quarter so I won’t be needing to rearrange or organize anything. I also managed to glue all the papers that I needed to glue to my notebooks and have kept them up to date surprisingly. If you want to see what I put in my backpack, check out this post.


Though my bedroom is pretty small, I proud myself on the fact that I figure out ways to fill it up in an organized way to the fullest.

I have to organize three main parts in my room though they seem like one. My desk, the drawers next to my desk, the bookshelves next to my drawers and the closet in front of my bed.

I have a crafting soul and with crafting comes messiness that I tend to build up as the weeks pass.


I need to take the trash out of my desk that I put in a little cup I use when I’m too lazy to turn around and throw it in the little trash can below my desk and take both and throw them away.

Then I will be rearranging my desk and as we go on you will see that rearranging is gonna become a theme when organizing and cleaning up my room because as a small room, you could always find better ways to rearrange stuff.


I need to organize my thin drawer of supplies and my clothing drawer. The good thing is that I hope this doesn’t take much time because every type of stationery or crafting supplies have a designated place in my thin ten drawer cabinet.


I believe this is the trickiest part of this whole cleanup because I have a bunch of stuff in my bookshelves aside from books. I have files on folder and supplies on the top level and a mess of books and stuff on the others.

For the time being, I will just arrange all the books as I get them next to one another and eventually I’ll figure something out. If you have any ideas as to what way I should organize my books, feel free to let me know down below.

Closet and Clothes

I put most of my clothes in drawers but I have some of them in a hanger of compartments. Aside from the clothes in my closet, you guessed it, I have more supplies because I have problems that I’m not planning to deal with. I love crafting and stationery supplies and I can’t help myself.

So that’s pretty much it for my spring cleaning action plan. I have a bunch of things I’m looking forward to this new season and quarter as well as a bunch of fun content. If you would like to see more content like this, I recommend you subscribe to my email list and check out my social media.

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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