Plan With Me | June 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – High School Musical

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So far, 2020 has been quite the year. That’s why I wanted to make sure to keep up with the theme I had already planned for June. Since I knew that by this time I would be graduating high school, I wanted to dedicate this month’s theme to one of the Disney Channel movies I’ve seen the most which is High School Musical: Senior Year which I found quite fitting for this chapter in my life. I know that it hasn’t been a traditional senior year but that doesn’t change the fact that this is my last year as a high school senior student. Here we have my June 2020 Bullet Journal Setup, High School Musical Themed.

I mention all the supplies I’ve used for this and all of my bullet journal setups in my essential bullet journal supplies post if you are curious about what I used.

Monthly Overview Pages

Log, Goals, Projects & Quote

june 2020 log and goals

For my good old log page, I kept up the monthly log from the original bullet journal system. I always use this section of my page to jot down birthdays, holidays and for this month, university deadlines.

I tried last month adding a creative projects section aside from my top 5 goals for the month and I quite liked it. And since one of my priorities for summer is keeping myself busy, I thought it would be good to keep it up.

For the quote, I just picked the cheesiest stanza from the “We are all in this together” song because I always remember how it was played on the background at the graduation ceremony in the movie.

To decorate the page I used my Crayola coloring pencils to add color as always and did the font style of East High and the Wildcats logo.

Creative Education Calendar & To-Do List

june 2020 calendar and todos

I know, you may be wondering why I kept the calendar if I have already finished school and the reason to that is because I’ve been keeping myself busy taking creative courses online.

Learning has and is always a priority for me. I am not taking traditional classes but just the ones that I’m interested in to grow skills creatively.

I will just write down the time of the class and add a color depending on the key I will be creating so that I don’t have to write down the full name of the course.

Below it, is my handy simple to-do list.

I colored in the block letters at the top as if they were filled with light bulbs like the ones in the movie’s title and added pink to represent the fabulous Sharpay; and because I didn’t know which color to choose so that made sense in my head.

Habit Tracker and Gratitude Log

june 2020 log and weekly

My habit tracker and gratitude log remain the same in layout and different in decorations each month. I went super simple with East High’s block font and a touch of cursive writing.

First Week’s Spread

Last month, I tried this new weekly page that has my weekly goals and to-dos and daily to-do lists. I kept it almost the same with an added section at the bottom for events and to jot down once again the classes I had listed in my calendar.

I try to have a theme for each weekly spread so that I get to try new doodles. For this week, I decided to go with musical theater with easy doodles to represent it. Also, I try to make the weekly themes as connected to the main theme of the month as possible.

If you’d like to see all of my weekly spreads, check out my social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) so that you can keep up with any new layouts and themes.

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Do you have a favorite High School Musical Movie and/or Song?

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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