Plan With Me | February 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

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We’re still at the beginning of this year so I wanted to still focus the monthly spreads of this February 2022 Bullet Journal Setup around goal setting. Aside from that, I will be creating a couple of self-care spreads since February is the month of love both towards others and ourselves.

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Monthly Overview

feb 2022 bujo monthly overview

In January, I tried a new spread divided into columns to set goals but I found that I didn’t reach for it as often as I would’ve needed to to make it useful; so for this month, I decided to simplify that spread into one side of my monthly overview spread.

On the left page, I made a goals checklist and master to-do list of the month column. On the left, I will be jotting not only my goals for the month but also tracking them as I achieve the actionable steps each one holds.

The master to-do list will act as a companion to the goals trackers on the page. I will create at most 20 tasks to work on throughout the month and they can be even the smallest of tasks, but if they help with my goals, I will write them down.

Positivity Hub & Gratitude Log

feb 2022 bujo positivity hub

This year I really want to focus on working on my mental health and for that reason, I created this page. On the right column, I will be doing my usual gratitude log, and on the left, I will be writing down little affirmations and motivational quotes to read every day before or after I fill in my gratitude log.

Habit Tracker & Monthly Log

feb 2022 bujo trackers and logs

As I’ve been making use of daily to-do’s, I’ve found that the task logs aren’t as useful to have as they were before and they were becoming something extra to fill in.

My habit tracker, on the other side, is always useful to remind me and keep me accountable for the personal habits I want to accomplish each day.

The habit tracker will stay the same and the rest of the spread is filled with boxes to write down the different highlights divided into categories I accomplish as the month passes. In them, I will write down movies, books, podcasts, highlights, tips, and anything important that comes up as the month goes on.

Morning Routine Challenge

feb 2022 bujo morning routine

As I said, this year, I really want to work on my mental health. That’s why, in February, I will be working on a morning routine challenge which I will be sharing on my TikTok account.

I believe that having a morning routine will help me to be more present and just better my mental health overall.

You can check out my challenge journey on my TikTok account so make sure to check it out if you’re interested.

On one side of the page, I have my ideal morning routine at a scheduled time; and on the other side, I have the actual tracker of the activities I want to do every morning.

Positivity Hub Part 2

feb 2022 bujo positivity hub 2

On a recent video I watched from Claudia Kai on YouTube, I found a spread that I wanted to make a part of my February Setup.

The spread is divided into 4 boxes and you write down different things in them. One for I am, I can, I’ve done, and the last one for I will.

I think this spread will be motivational both whilst filling out and whenever I need a boost of motivation I will reach for it.

So that’s it for my February 2022 Bullet Journal Setup. I’m super excited for this month’s spreads and I think a lot of them will be staying for a while.

QOTD: What is your favorite self-care activity?

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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