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Monthly Reset: February 2023 Plan With Me (January Recap, Favorites, & More)

TN YT 20230209 February 2023 Plan With Me
For this February 2023 Plan With Me I wanted to experiment with a few sections like reflections and favorites for January since most of the time I tend to skip the reflection side of things and move onto the next steps so I really enjoyed the habit of jotting down favorites as the month progressed.

life reset – working on my dream life (goal setting system, vision board, new look, and more)

TN YT20230118 life reset
after last year, I knew I needed to do a full re-brand and not only for Be Yourself Studios, but for myself. this is the ultimate life reset in which I work towards setting the ultimate systems and goals to accomplish all of my objectives, goals, and projects.

2021 Planner and Journal Lineup | Personal, Creative + Language Learning Journals & Planners

Here we have my 2021 Planner and Journal Lineup! As a stationery and planner addict, I always strive to find new ways to organize my life and use the stationery that I love. In this video, I share with you a quick overview of all the planners and journals I will be using throughout 2021. This video is great for anyone trying to find ways to organize their life. I share with you my bullet journal, my creative business planner, goal setting journal and so much more so make sure to watch till the end.